Polar A360 Review – Solid Choice But Falls Short

What is the Polar A360? It is a fitness tracker that is made by a firm which is similar to accurate heart-rate tracking. With this wearable device, it will be able to measure steps, sleep, as well as track your calories burned. It will also let you log certain exercise sessions. The display is colored, which is pretty decent touch, and it even has some smartphone functionalities such as letting you see notifications that arrive on the connected handset. All of the information gathered can then be viewed with the Polar Flow app, as well as with the website itself. It has a very good battery life of 14 days, a slim design, and it is intended to be worn 24/7. However, there is no GPS on this unit which means that it might put off runners.

Polar A360 Review - Solid Choice But Falls Short

The Polar A360 Could Not Match up to Many of its Rivals

Like many fitness trackers out there, the Polar A360 has a silicon strap right out of the box. There are color variations available for the strap, and you can get them in pink, black, or white. The strap is silky-smooth, and it will lock on together with the use of two metal button fasteners which does work well in keeping the entire unit firmly in place.

As for the tracker’s face, it is large enough that you don’t have to squint just to see what the display is, well, displaying. You can easily check the time, your heart-rate, or other information that you might want to look at a single glance. Furthermore, the face is compact enough that it does not attract too much attention upon itself.

If there is one major complaint about the design of the A360, it is how easy it is for you to just pop the main unit right out of the strap. While the strap is secure, the tracker’s face is another story. You may find yourself readjusting it from time-to-time whenever you do rigorous exercise routines.

For the most part, the Polar A360 is still a pretty solid choice for those anyone looking to get into the idea of acquiring their very first fitness and activity tracker. It is a bit of a disappointment that there’s no GPS feature in this particular wearable tech. However, an even bigger disappointment is how easy it is that the face comes off. While it does offer a lot of promise, this tracker ultimately falls short of the competition.


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Polar A360 Review – Solid Choice But Falls Short
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