Polar M200 Review – Bulkiness Might Throw Off Some

One look at the Polar M200 and you would know that it is a device that you’re not going to wear 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Furthermore, because of its relatively bulky design, this is definitely not a fitness tracker for the fashion conscious. The screen is not colored as it uses a dot-matrix display, and the round face clearly means a throwback for the early nineties, but not in a “cool” kind of way. Nevertheless, if you can get by with its very industrial design, know that you will get an activity tracker that has a very solid performance.

Polar M200 Review - Bulkiness Might Throw Off Some

The Polar M200 is a Solid Choice, if You Can Get by its Industrial Appearance

As mentioned earlier, the Polar M200 is huge with a face that is almost half-an-inch thick. Speaking of its face, it feels bulky and protruding. But even though the entire tracker might be huge, at the very least the weight is at a modest 1.4-ounces. There is also a secure buckle-style clasp that gets the job done in making sure it doesn’t fall of your wrist, even when doing intense exercise routines. While on the band, know that there are color options available to choose from, them being black, white, red, blue, and yellow.

The M200 has two buttons on either side, and setting it up to pair with your smartphone is a bit more confusing than most. This is primarily because the dot-matrix display is not a touch capacitive panel, which means you would either have to press and release, or press and hold the buttons in order to navigate through the menus or take advantage of its many features.

So what can it do, exactly? This is an activity tracker that will appeal to a wide array of fitness-centric customers as it will track steps, check overall activity, and even record your sleep. It can also tell you how much calories you’ve burnt. All of the information can be viewed within the face, and these will all be compiled within the accompanying Polar Flow app.

In terms of performance, the Polar M200 does pretty well; plus, there’s a heart-rate monitor found underneath the face that does measure pretty accurate readings. Overall, this is a pretty solid choice for anyone looking to keep track of their fitness regimens. However, the largeness of the device might immediately throw off some upon first glance. For those looking for a sleeker tracker, there’s the A360 from the same brand that might appeal to you better, but do know that it costs a bit more than this one.


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Polar M200 Review – Bulkiness Might Throw Off Some
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