Polar M600 Review – More Features Means Lesser Battery Life

The Polar M600 is by no means a cheap fitness tracker, but it has all the features that you would want in one so you can’t complain much about the price tag. Furthermore, one look at it and you would immediately know that it might be too large for some wrists. Still, because of the larger size, you also get better ruggedness for all of your physical activities. It is made with high-quality materials, and it has a design that you can immediately love at first sight of it. It is also powered by Android Wear, which means that it can do some things that other fitness trackers could not.

Polar M600 Review - More Features Means Lesser Battery Life

The Polar M600 is a Very Tempting Choice, Despite Some Extreme Features

There is an emphasis when high-quality materials is stated for the Polar M600, because what you’re going to get is a protective Gorilla Glass along with a soft silicone band. Hence, it is immediately apparent that you’re not dealing with a cheap fitness tracker. It also makes use of a double-pronged watch buckle that does its job well in securing the device on your wrist to assure you it will never fall off.

The M600 is equipped with a touch screen display that is able to deliver sharp images, for a fitness tracker anyway. It is a 1.3-inch transmissive TFT panel that has a 240 x 240-pixel resolution with a 260-pixel-per-inch pixel density. It also has some neat features such as the ability to let the screen awaken whenever you lift your wrist, and it will automatically dim the panel when it senses your arm to be relaxed.

Because of its large size, then do note that it is not also the lightest fitness tracker on the market. This is also, in fact, its worst characteristic. Because of its heft and size, you might want to take it off whenever you sleep, cook, or type. Speaking of sleep, it also has the ability to measure your sleeping habits, and it does so with pretty accurate style. There is an impressive 4GB of internal storage built within the device, and for the memory, that is powered by 512MB of RAM. There is also the heart-rate monitor that is found right beside the colored display.

Ultimately, the Polar M600 is still a solid choice if you’re in the market for a great fitness-tracking watch with near excellent accuracy when it comes to tracking. However, there are those that might be put off by its immense size.


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Polar M600 Review – More Features Means Lesser Battery Life
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