Polk Audio Boom Bit Review – Wear This Speaker

Speakers are naturally placed on a flat surface, but the Polk Audio Boom Bit defies that by allowing you to wear it. Yes, this is a wireless Bluetooth Speaker that you can  actually wear. The size and shape of this particular model is similar to that of a cigarette lighter. Although quite tiny, it is still sturdily built. Also, with a 1.1-ounce weight, you will hardly even notice it’s there.

Polk Audio Boom Bit Review - Wear This Speaker

The Polk Audio Boom Bit is a Bluetooth Speaker You Can Wear

The Polk Audio Boom Bit has a built-in clip that allows users to securely fasten the device to parts of your clothing or to your bags. It is even ideally worn around the collar level as it is not too far from the mouth and ears. The wireless Bluetooth speaker is also water-resistant, and it has an integrated microphone that also doubles as a speakerphone. There are volume controls on the speaker as well, which is a nice touch for a unit this small.

When listening to tracks within close range, the Polk Audio Boom Bit Bluetooth Speaker and its 1.5-watt power is pretty loud. While it does not have the sound quality as really high-end wireless speakers, the volume does promote a sufficient level of power despite its miniscule size. But as you might expect from its small stature, there is hardly any bass to push out on the thing. Also, tracks come out with distortion when the volume gets pushed to the limits. But even when playing your favorite tunes at moderate levels, the volume levels are already sufficient enough. At the very least, it is louder than what your smartphone can handle.

As long as you’re not such a stickler for audio quality, then this particular Bluetooth speaker does have a likeable side. It is even useful when it comes to certain circumstances. For instance, it can be used while you’re driving as a hands-free way to talk to people so that you don’t have to put your phone by your ear. Also, runners and cyclists can also use this if they want to blast music to their surroundings while they’re working out (although a pair of sports-centered headphones are still better in this regard).

But even though it has its own set of “short”-comings (sorry for the pun), the Polk Audio Boom Bit won’t put a huge hole in your back account. In fact, it is one of the more reasonably-priced speakers out there. This might even be the perfect gift for a certain friend or relative for the Holidays.


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Polk Audio Boom Bit Review – Wear This Speaker
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