Polk MagniFi Mini Review – A Mighty Mini

The Polk MagniFi Mini is a perfect example of the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” well in this case, let’s change that to “don’t judge a speaker’s volume by its size.” Make no mistake, this sound bar can definitely make the room shake, in which many would definitely assume it to dish out modest volume levels. And it’s not just the volume levels that’s great about this particular sound bar, because with it comes a good number of features packed into this rather miniscule unit. It has the ability to Cast directly from your phone in order to simplify the entire music-streaming experience, and not to mention it can fit in just about any living room décor. Oh, and sound quality is pretty great as well.

Polk MagniFi Mini Review - A Mighty Mini

The Polk MagniFi Mini Makes for Large Volumes, Despite its Diminutive Nature

For its design, the Polk MagniFi Mini is absolutely tiny, especially when you compare it to really wide sound bars on the market. It only measures 13-inches for its width, and 3-inches for its height. Hence, it wouldn’t matter if you had a 32-inch TV, or a 65-inch television set, this sound bar would definitely fit right in (literally and figuratively).

It is mainly constructed of cloth and plastic, which is quite pleasing to look at. Furthermore, because of its compact nature for a sound bar, it won’t hinder any of your viewing experiences when you place it right below your TV. For comparison’s sake, there are some sound bars that would annoyingly block out a portion of the TV screen because of a design choice.

For its features, the MagniFi Mini makes use of a 2.1-channel sound bar, along with a wireless subwoofer. For the main unit, you can find four 2.25-inch drivers working together with two 12-millimeter tweeters. Two of these drivers are angled to the side in which the brand calls it as “SDA sound.” As for the subwoofer, it makes use of a downward-firing 6.5-inch driver and port.

Let the Polk MagniFi Mini play some music, or perhaps the audio from a movie or TV show, and you would be able to make use of the device’s side-firing speakers to its full potential. Audio is very loud, but highly detailed. When you let it play tracks, such as those with plenty of guitars playing within the file, then you would be able to experience “ear-gasmic” audio as the soundstage seems to be much larger than what it would seem. Furthermore, the use of the subwoofer presents enough low-end kick but it won’t hinder the other areas of the audio spectrum. Truly, this is a speaker to get if you’re having a bit of trouble with regards to space, or if you’re just into compact yet powerful stuff.


Where to buy Polk MagniFi Mini?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Polk MagniFi Mini online.

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