Portrait Photography – How to Snap a Good Photo

Portrait photography is a powerful tool in bringing out the beauty of your subjects, especially when you’re taking pictures of humans. If you shot a good portrait photo, know that it can last for decades. In fact, there are tons of portraits that have been shot through the age of film photography, and those photos are still very much alive to this day. But do note the difference between taking an ordinary head shot (or a selfie) than a good portrait photo takes more than what you might think. Read on to know how to take good portraits of people.

Portrait Photography - How to Snap a Good Photo

Getting Better at Portrait Photography

Step 1 – Do take note that you don’t need a dedicated lens when you’re practicing portrait photography. However, do know that there are dedicated portrait lenses on the market of which you can purchase. Note that there are lenses that can set you far back, but for most of the time, higher-end lenses tend to produce the most flattering results.

Step 2 – Now that you’ve got yourself a dedicated lens for shooting portraits of people, one of the great aspects of portrait images is that the famous background blur technique, or otherwise known as “bokeh.” This is when your subject remains sharp whereas the background is a creamy blur. To do this, you would need to have a lens with a high aperture, around f/1.8 is a nice starting point if you’re opting to purchase a 50-millimeter lens.

Step 3 – Also take note that taking portraits need to flatter the subject. Hence, you would need to reflect the best version of them within your photographs. You should be able to guide your subject and not just tell them “do whatever you want” while arbitrarily pressing your camera’s shutter release button. Move their arms, their head, their chin, or make them tell to raise an eyebrow while looking towards the side. Direct your subject properly before hitting the shutter release button to aim for that perfect shot.

Step 4 – Remember that whenever you’re practicing portrait photography, practice, practice, and do more practice. There are a lot of great portrait photographers out there that did not acquire their skills overnight or just by doing one photoshoot. It is best to grab a friend and ask them if you could snap pictures of them so that you can practice. Following other portrait photographers online can also give you amazing ideas of which you can apply to your photography sessions.


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