Prism Review – A Futuristic Puzzle Box

Prism is an iOS game that gives its player the tactile pleasure of manipulating virtual objects with the fingertips. It’s a sleek little puzzler that tasks the player with solving various abstract puzzles while manipulating shapes in 3D space. It is definitely a brilliant, beautiful, and unique game.

Prism Review - A Futuristic Puzzle Box

Prism is a Pretty Solid Puzzle Game, Albeit With Only an Average Difficulty

When the player starts Prism, he will be put into a weird little solar system of shapes. The main goal is to push and prod them until they reveal their glowing cores. It feels very different from any other games as there are no texts and only very little instructions on how to play the game. The game usually goes like this: the player is given a single piece of geometric shape floating in space, he is free to zoom it in, spin it around, and inspect it from any angle. A side of it has a puzzle that can be deciphered by tapping, sliding, and spinning the 2D symbols until it is solved.

It is usually pretty easy to know what the player is supposed to do, most of the puzzles in Prism (iOS) are mostly stress-free to complete. After the puzzle is deciphered on one side of the shape, the other side of the puzzle will light up to let the player know that the next puzzle already appeared on the other side. Each one puzzle that is completed will unfold the shape piece by piece until the core is revealed to let the player know that it is time to move to the next “planet”.

Puzzling is fun, but it is not mainly revolutionary on its own way. The game’s overall presentation is what sets the game apart from others. It really is stunning, especially if the player have a newer device that can handle efficiently all of its glowing, shimmering beauty. The shapes that the player will be playing with are usually even up and effortlessly simple, but they have subtle texture that mirrors the light in stunning ways. There are also little elements that gently float in and out of focus as the player pans the screen around, and everything just comes together perfectly.

Prism’s game’s difficulty is at average from the beginning until the end of the game, but if the player is looking for or is intrigued by symbol puzzles and manipulating objects without having to read too many instructions, this game is a pretty good one.


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