Productivity – How to Turn Off Distractions to Focus More

Technology has brought about many wondrous things in our lives, and it is even ever so helpful when it comes to productivity. However, it works in the same way wherein a dog owner keeps their K9 companion on a leash. Simply put, there are times when you just can’t get away from it. When you’re smartphone buzzes and a notification pops up, you might be compelled to check it, even though it is completely unrelated towards work. Therefore, your train of thought for creating that particular report or project might be destroyed, just because someone wants you to see a cat video that went viral on Facebook. If you want to focus more on whatever it is that you’re doing, then there are ways to turn off certain distractions.

Productivity - How to Turn Off Distractions to Focus More

Gain More Productivity by Turning Off Distractions

Step 1 – In order to boost productivity, there are some things that you might want to turn off for the time being, such as your email notifications. There are 80-percent of smartphone users that check their handsets at least once every 15-minutes to see if an email is present. While it might be important, as mentioned earlier, your train of thought might be destroyed. If you must attend to your emails, you can make use of automated replies and tell whoever it is that emailed you that you will get back to them later in the day. Furthermore, try disciplining yourself into checking your emails just twice within a day.

Step 2 – To become more productive, you can try placing your smartphone inside a drawer while you work. Furthermore, make sure that it is kept in silent mode, or even turn the device off. This way, you won’t be able to see what’s popping up on the phone’s screen. You might be thinking, “What if I just turn the phone upside-down so that I won’t be able to see the screen?” That might work for some, but not everybody. The thing is, every time we see our phone, there is that small voice in our heads that would make us want to check it. So do yourself a favor and just place it inside the drawer, or just leave it far away from your work desk instead.

Step 3 –  Gaining more productivity is not just about dealing with your smartphone; sometimes it can be about your personal lifestyle. All work and no play can, indeed, make you a dull person. When you overwork your brain cells into thinking up solutions for your business, or when you’ve spent a lot of time trying to think up a way to pass Chemistry class, then you’re just going to build up more stress which is the same process as a machine wearing out its machinations over time. Bring some oil back into your brain by taking a rest from time-to-time.


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