Pseudo-gaming Could Define VR Virtual Reality Took Off in 2016

There were a lot of quality games released, and just a handful of months the public gained a much better understanding of what to expect from this new era of technology. It’s a bit of a surprise to see crowded, popular genres like shooting and racing games already spawning such beautiful and engaging VR titles.

Pseudo-gaming Could Define VR Virtual Reality Took Off in 2016

While there are plenty of interesting, conventional video games out there for VR devices the future might hold something different. VR is about more than transferring popular console games into 3D environments. We may find out in the next year or two that pseudo-games, some experiences that are less conventional than traditional games, might be among the most popular offerings.

Consider the idea of playing through a portion of a film. This is something we saw tested in 2016. Fox released a VR experience based on The Martian where gamers could immerse themselves in the environment of the movie. The game was described at this page as featuring survival tasks like driving a rover and steering in zero gravity but also allowed players to experience different scenes from the film. It almost fell somewhere in between a video game and a movie, and it’s likely only the beginning of a larger trend. We’ve already seen a few other similar titles come out, and rumor has it that the upcoming sci-fi thriller Alien: Covenant will follow suit. These figure to be popular pseudo-gaming options by building on existing popularity with fans and offering unique experiences instead of the usual, quickly hashed together, licensed games.

Another area of gaming where we might see significant activity on VR is the casino genre. People tend to be divided when it comes to casino gaming. Some consider it very much related to video games while others see it as a separate activity. Nevertheless, it’s grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. This site explains that online gaming introduced players to betting without having to visit a casino. In the same vein, VR could reintroduce the same people to casinos without asking them to get off their couches. Whether or not real money gaming activity will ever be widespread on VR a different story but because this genre is largely about seeking realistic atmospheres from the comfort of one’s own home, it’s likely to find a firm foothold in VR.

Finally, we’re also seeing an early trend toward group gaming activities—not in the traditional multiplayer sense, but in a way meant for parties and in-person gatherings. One article referred to Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes as “easily one of the best VR games out there,” and it’s made to be played with several people and just a single headset. HTC Vive’s Tilt Brush has also become known for a Pictionary-like application where the player wearing the headset draws a word or category and others have to guess the word based on what’s on screen. The popularity of “party games” continues to grow and we’re likely to see more of it in the coming years.

Rest assured, conventional video games will still be extremely popular on VR. But we’re starting to get the sense that some of these bizarre twists on gaming will be at least just as big.


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Pseudo-gaming Could Define VR Virtual Reality Took Off in 2016
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