PureVPN Review – Everything You Need to Protect Your Browsing Experience

When browsing the World Wide Web, privacy and security are certainly the largest concerns for many individuals around the globe, and with this call, PureVPN answers. Aside from offering excellent security when using its virtual private network services, it also brings in a good mix of security, usability, and features. Furthermore, it even offers remarkable scores when it comes to Internet connection speeds. Users are also able to take advantage of hundreds of servers around the globe, and there are even some advanced functionalities that would make even the most paranoid of individuals happy to be browsing the Internet.

PureVPN Review - Everything You Need to Protect Your Browsing Experience

PureVPN Offers a Lot at the Right Price

Before moving forward, there is one thing about PureVPN that should be stated first, and that is it does not offer a free version. Furthermore, there is not even a trial version of the product. But there is, on the other hand, a 7-day money-back guarantee. But even if you opt for the lowest-tiered offering, it won’t put a deep hole in your wallet.

There is no difference as to what subscription you opt for, except for the billing periods. Therefore, even if you get for the monthly subscription (which is their lowest-tiered offering), then you will be able to immediately access all the features that the product offers. The company even accepts just about every mode of payment you can imagine, and these include credit card, Bitcoin, AliPay, PayPal, or Paymentwall. You can even pay through gift cards for popular stores, if you so desire. Hence, you can use your Starbucks gift certificate to get VPN service if you prefer secure browsing over a nice Latte.

Are there other benefits that the PureVPN service offers? The answer is a definite Yes! For starters, it allows P2P file sharing and BitTorrent on many of its servicers. There is also the Split Tunneling feature wherein you will e able to select particular traffic to go through the private tunnel. In doing so, users will be able to keep certain activates secure.

A word of caution for those who are new to VPN services – regardless of what service you use, your Internet connection will take a hit because of the extra security measures. Therefore, if you prefer secure browsing over high Internet speeds, then this is the time to look into this particular VPN.

With PureVPN, however, even though your Internet connection speed will take a hit, it’s not as much as compared to other VPN services out there. In fact, it sits as one of the better ones to offer good speeds and great security. This is definitely a pretty solid choice if you ever want to have a VPN connection.


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PureVPN Review – Everything You Need to Protect Your Browsing Experience
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