Quickpic Android – The Essential Photo Gallery App

Back in the old days of Android Gingerbread, the built in Android photo gallery had an annoying issue, for some reason it displays all photos on the device at a much lower resolution than the original image prompting the user to feel that something is off and will look for solutions online; this is where Quickpic will get suggested often leading to how the app is popular now. Back then, the app was fairly simple: its main purpose is to be the Android photo gallery that displays all images in storage at its native resolution. As years went on, much has changed on the app especially after it was acquired by Cheetah Mobile, the developers of Clean Master.

Quickpic Android – The Essential Photo Gallery App

Quickpic for Android Remains Useful Despite Acquisition by Cheetah Mobile

The simple UI of Quickpic has evolved and it now introduces various sorting options and display options including overall UI look such as changing colors and etc. photos are now arranged into folders like how they are stored in the storage device, discussing the various display options will make for a lengthy article so to keep things simple, you have options such as displaying folders in a stack, grid, or list, along these is the option to view them in explorer mode to navigate through items like you’re navigating the file explorer on the device. The sidebar also has the folders view or moments view which sorts every item into folders according to the month they were taken/stored/created. Opening a folder will display the photos and tapping a photo will display it in full view, there’s not much to talk about in terms of UI elements when viewing photos as most of the controls are going to be discussed in the features section.

The feature set of the app quickly increased in number when Cheetah Mobile acquired rights to it, it now includes integration to 500px, the CM Cloud, Wi-Fi Transfer, hidden items, excluded items, as well as the existing theme feature. QuickPic for Android has become a more useful app than what it was before, from an alternative photo viewer to a very useful and powerful photo browser with security features and cloud support. Photo controls also include a slideshow feature to auto-scroll between images in a folder, back up to cloud, as well as geolocation when tags are available.

Quickpic may have attracted some heat though as Cheetah Mobile has been known for its false advertising especially with their Clean Master software that supposedly makes your device faster but most say it’s a placebo but that’s a topic for another article. Long story short, if you come across the app with negative reviews, it’s mostly because Cheetah Mobile now owns it, but the app is still solid, and has great features the default photo gallery app does not include.


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