QuietOn – Earplugs With Active Noise Cancellation

While there are many headsets on the market that have active noise cancellation technology built in with the device, the QuietOn are a pair of earplugs that has the same type of technology. What’s the difference? Well, you won’t be hearing any music with this pair, literally. So what good will it do? Think about this scenario – your neighbors are throwing a wild party and you want to get some shuteye because you have to wake up early tomorrow. Using regular earplugs might not do the trick because of all the loud music still blasting through. However, with this particular pair of earplugs with active noise cancelling technology, you don’t have to worry about any noise, which includes your partner’s snoring.

QuietOn - Earplugs With Active Noise Cancellation

Don’t Let Noise Bother You When You’re Sleeping When You Have QuietOn

QuietOn is not just for sleeping as it can also be used while you work on something important at the office, or when you need peace and quiet while you’re studying for that really important exam. It is also good when you just want some alone time while you meditate. The pair of earplugs can also be used for sports such as sport shooting, or it can even be used for airline pilots and cabin crew. There are a bunch of ways to use the pair of earplugs, and these are deemed to be quite useful because of the added active noise cancellation technology feature.

According to the product’s Indiegogo crowdfunding page, the QuietOn Earplugs provides the same level of noise cancellation as on-ear noise cancelling headphones. Furthermore, the pair of earplugs are wireless, so you don’t have to worry about accidental tugs. It is also touted with up to 50-hours of battery life on a single charge; that’s approximately over 4-days of continuous use. It is also stated that the active noise cancellation on these earplugs are especially focused to reduce low frequency “bass” noise. This type of noise is not typically addressed by the traditional earplugs.

Since the QuietOn are just a pair of earplugs, bringing them around is no hassle at all. Furthermore, there are no buttons to consider because these will automatically turn themselves on when they are removed from the charging and carrying case. The standard packaging includes the charging and carrying case, a pair of the aforementioned earplugs, and two pair of silicone tips (one pair is smaller than the other to fit many ear sizes).


Where to buy Earplugs?

We suggest to use the link provided bellow if you want to buy this Earplugs online.

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QuietOn – Earplugs With Active Noise Cancellation
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