Raumfeld Sounddeck Review – Big Sound, Not so Much for Quality

What is the Raumfeld Sounddeck? It is a soundbase that is located at the high-ends of the market, and it aims to beef up your TV audio. One look at its size and you would know that it can do that. Also, it is able to deliver all the hot and streamy elements of a multi-room setup in which many audio-lovers would come to know and love. In fact, its multi-room offering is looks stronger that it joins the ranks of other devices, such as the Stereo M, Stereo L, One M, One S, and Stereo Cubes, that has similar capabilities. While the price tag can make your eyes twitch and have you trembling to reach for your wallet. But hold your horses; if a wide audio performance is what you’re looking for in a soundbase, then this is probably the unit that you should get. However, do note that there are others out there that can perform better in terms of audio quality.

Raumfeld Sounddeck Review - Big Sound, Not so Much for Quality

The Raumfeld Sounddeck Has One of the Best Multi-Room Setups You Can Find in Today’s Market

The Raumfeld Sounddeck can be purchased in either a black or white finish. It is a traditional-looking rectangular box, but quite the large one at that. It has a metal top and bottom that sandwiches a cloth grille that wraps around the front and the sides. While there is no design flair here (as mentioned earlier, it just looks like a rectangular box), this is fairly typical when it comes to soundbases. However, you would not be wrong to expect that there should be more, especially with its price tag.

Underneath the cloth grille of the Sounddeck and you will find four forward-facing drivers, as well as two side-mounted drivers. Further underneath and you will find a pair of downward-firing subwoofers. All of those subwoofers are powered by a 280W Class D amplifier. This soundbase has Wi-Fi smarts, but there it has no Bluetooth capabilities.

For the most part, the audio quality being delivered by the Raumfeld Sounddeck is quite impressive, and it should be with the amount of cash that you’re going to shell out in order to get it. It is able to deliver an immense sonic scale. Without any fiddling around with its settings, playing audio right out of the box and it does tend to sound a bit too boomy. The bass does detach and becomes a flabby distraction. Furthermore, just about every control is done through a connected app. There is no display in the unit, which again does make you wonder why the design choice with its premium price tag. Overall, its room-filling capabilities are a masterpiece, but it is ultimately let down by its shortcomings.


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