Razer Nabu Review – Worth the Wait

When you watch the advertisement video for the Razer Nabu, it gives you all important lessons about using the device, as well as lessons on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. While the latter is not evident right now (and we certainly hope that it doesn’t in the future), the device is still being pitches as a new smart fitness band from a company that is known for making quality gaming peripherals.

Razer Nabu Review - Worth the Wait

The Razer Nabu Keeps You Fit Enough to Fight Zombies

Like many products coming from the company, the Razer Nabu is made with a matte black finish with visually appealing green flourishes located at its underside. In comparison, the fitness trackers of Fitbit and Garmin are soft, flexible bands, this one from Razer is solid and stiff. The choice of materials used is like that of a techno bangle that feels and looks like the Nike Fuelband.

The Nabu should not be confused with mistaken for its less expensive sibling, which is the Razer Nabu X. Instead of three lights, this fitness band has a 128 x 16 OLED display found on the underside of the wrist. There’s also one button found on its top edge, as well as an interlocking magnetic lock to place the device firmly on your wrist.

As for the band itself, sadly it is not adjustable. However, it does come in two size: small/medium and medium/large. The sizes of the band can also be further customized as there is a smaller interchangeable clasp that is included with each band.

The brains of the wearable device include a vibration engine for the notifications and the alarms, a three-axis accelerometer, and Bluetooth for wireless communications. There’s also the free smartphone app from Razer (that can be downloaded and installed for Android and iOS devices). The app will bring you information such as number of steps taken, calories burned, sleep, certain activities, distance traveled, and the basic smartwatch notifications such as social media, text messages, and calls.

Another thing that separates the Razer Nabu from other wearable devices is that it is designed to be worn upside down. In other words, you need to twist your palm up every time you want to check on something. If you’re not accustomed to wearing a watch at the underside of your wrist, you will be soon enough. This particular fitness band is a gem and it performs admirably. Information is spot on and you will find yourself wearing it most of the time. It might even replace your regular wristwatch.


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Razer Nabu Review – Worth the Wait
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