ReveaLED – UV LED Flash Light for Your Smartphone

What is the ReveaLED? It is dubbed as the world’s first synchronized UV LED flash built for mobile tablets and smartphones. It is a peripheral for your mobile device and it will connect through the headphone jack. Once it is turned on, you will be able to discover UV light photography under very low light or even dark conditions. The device has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which means that you can use the accessory freely without having to rely on connecting it to a device.

ReveaLED - UV LED Flash Light for Your Smartphone

See in the Dark With the ReveaLED

If you want to reveal (no pun intended) many of nature’s hidden objects, then give the ReveaLED a try. There are many things that you can reveal under ultraviolet light. However, not all “UV” LED lights are capable of showing the minute details found on glowing items. This is why Bite Designs, the creators behind this device, states that it has created a new generation of UV LED that will reveal all the possible details found inside glowing objects and items under really low light conditions, or even those under dark environments.

So how do you use the ReveaLED UV Flash Light? All you have to do is plug the device into your smartphone or tablet through the headphone jack (sorry iPhone 7 users). You can then start taking pictures of your glowing “subjects” under dark. You can even discover hidden watermarks with it such as those that can be found on money, passports, and other documents. However, it should be noted that when taking photos with UV light involved, the source of light from the camera should not be more powerful than the ultraviolet light itself. Therefore, it is wise that to not use the built-in flash of your mobile device when taking pictures of your subjects exposed to UV light.

What makes the ReveaLED useful is that it can reveal (again, no pun intended) more details than your average LED light. This is because it can show you a lot more of the fluorescent molecules in objects, and these tend to have rigid structures and delocalized electrons. Other things that you can illuminate with this particular UV flash light are tonic water, some medicines and vitamins, body fluids, bank notes, plants, fungi, highlighter pens, laundry detergent, and some animals, just to name a few. It is designed to reveal a lot of details on glowing items, so if you like to make things glow, or it’s part of your job to inspect hidden elements in objects, then you might want to give this device a shot.


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