Ring Video Doorbell Review – Not Particularly Secure

What makes the Ring Video Doorbell an appealing choice is because it makes a clever twist on the traditional Internet-connected security cameras, like the Netgear Arlo. Aside from being a security camera, it also doubles as a doorbell (which is already quite obvious because it is in its name). This means that whenever someone presses the bell on the device, that person will show up as part of a live video stream on your phone. You can even install multiple bells throughout your entire home so you’ll never miss what’s happening inside your property ever again. You would immediately know who took that last cookie from the cookie jar.

Ring Video Doorbell Review - Not Particularly Secure

Because of its Array of Features, the Ring Video Doorbell Makes for a Well-Integrated and Easy-to-Use Device

Because of its full selection of tool and accessories meant for security, the Ring Video Doorbell already makes a grand first impression. Right out of the box, you even get the necessary screws and Rawplugs needed for the installation, so you no longer have to run to the hardware store to get some. There are even other tools found in the standard packaging, which include a mini spirit level, the right-sized masonry drill bit, and even a two-ended screwdriver. However, you would still need a drill to install the device, and that is not included in the box. However, even though a drill is lacking, kudos to Ring for providing most of the necessary items required for a proper installation.

Speaking of its installation process, it is also pretty much straightforward. If you already have an existing powered doorbell, all you have to do is simply sap out the old bell button and replace it with the Ring Doorbell. This Internet-connected doorbell will still make use of the old wiring, well, that is assuming that the old doorbell is connected to a standard 8-24VAC supply. If it runs out of battery, all you need to do is to replace the base plate by undoing two screws and sliding it off to charge it.

While all the security features make it an absolute must-buy for many, the Ring Video Doorbell is not particularly secure for itself. This is because even with a proper installation has been made, it is still quite easy to remove, which makes it easy pickings for thieves. Ultimately, it is a great home security solution, but it might be wise to add more “security” to it so that it won’t get stolen so easy.


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Ring Video Doorbell Review – Not Particularly Secure
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