Rio Olympics – Watching on the TV is Still Better Than VR

There were many who complained about the excessive ads found while watching the Rio Olympics, especially during the event’s opening ceremony coverage. However, there was another option that people could take, and that is only if you had a Samsung Gear VR headset. Not only that, you would have to wait a day so that you can watch the event in a 360-degree video. This would allow you to watch the many festivities as if you were right there at Rio’s Maraña Stadium. While this sounds exciting, there are those that report that the technology is still lacking as virtual reality is still in its early stages. Hence, the experience was a bit degrading, but it is quite easy to see how the technology could one day be able to let people view live events.

Rio Olympics - Watching on the TV is Still Better Than VR

The Rio Olympics VR Experience was Lacking

The 24-hour delay for the Rio Olympics 360-video was a bit excessive for some, but it is quite easy to understand why NBC, the network that published the video stream, did it. This event was a very large test for the feasibility of virtual reality technology. Hence, the broadcaster would wanted to ensure that it has to work the right way before unleashing it to the general public. Well, the public that have Samsung Gear Virtual Reality headsets anyway.

There is, perhaps, another good reason as to the delay of the VR broadcast for the 2016 Rio Olympics, and that is the thought that it is still a bit tricky to watch a live event with the use of a VR headset. Since the technology is still within its early stages, there are a bunch of things that can go wrong. In other words, the complications are not only found on the broadcaster’s side as it can also be tricky right at the viewers end.

Watching the Olympics with the use of virtual reality technology is pretty good. You will be able to get several good views from the perspectives of the spectators, and there are even cameras located on the floor. These will let you get a good look at the dancers, athletes, and performers up real close, even when you don’t have to be there in the first place.

Perhaps the main downside of the experience is that the video quality presented with the Rio Olympics stream is so poor, especially when looking at wide shots. Hence, it might be better to skip the VR experience (for now) and just hop on in front of your modern TV to watch the games as it happens.


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