Riot Games – New League of Legends Game Goes to Your Living Room

Riot Games, the developers of the hit multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) League of Legends, is now bringing a new game into the scene but it still has that familiar feel of their famous PC game. Entitled Mechs vs. Minions, this game won’t be played on your computer, but perhaps on your living room. It is a tabletop experience, and the board game is expected to be released next month. Also, it can be first acquired exclusively on the studio’s official Merch Store.

Riot Games - New League of Legends Game Goes to Your Living Room

Mechs vs. Minions is a Spin-off Tabletop Game of Riot Games’ League of Legends

The upcoming tabletop game from Riot Games was not developed by the entire team of the game developing company. Instead, it was created by a small, in-house team within the same firm. Furthermore, the spawning of the actual board game did not happen overnight as the effort began nearly two years ago. Also, it has passed through several stages of development before its completion. Chris Cantrell is the lead producer of the company, as well as the head of this tabletop project.

The team behind Riot Games’ Mechs vs. Minions stated that they have intended not only to provide fun, but a complete experience for the League of Legends universe without the need of having a computer capable of playing the popular PC title. The board game is expected to be released on the 13th of October, and it will retail at $75.

Looking at the board game without having to play it first, it is worth noticing that the development team behind it are already avid fans of tabletop games. With this fact in mind, along with the combination of a new wave of board games on the market, this makes total sense that the PC game developing company decided to bring their famous title into the physical realm, and perhaps right inside your living room.

The setting behind Mechs vs. Minions by Riot Games is this: there are many champions from League of Legends that are facing some new challenges when things go south. Therefore, they band together in order to fend off the impending threat. All of the champions found within the tabletop game are from the Yordle race. In other words, you will be able to play with Corki, Tristana, Ziggs, and Heimerdinger. Players will then have ten different missions, along with their storytelling elements, in order to add more replay value to the game.


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