Riva S Review – Setting a New Standard

The audio device market is now highly dominated by Bluetooth wireless speakers, and the Riva S, at first glance, might just look like the majority of the lot. It is quite small for its size, and there are no obvious design features that will immediately set it apart from the rest. Therefore, this does make it exceptionally hard as to why it is priced higher than the rest if there’s practically nothing to note with regards to its looks. In fact, it is even more expensive than other, better performing wireless speakers such as the Bose SoundLink Mini II. However, if you’re the type of audiophile that cares about sound fidelity, then its performance does justify the heft in its cost. Furthermore, while there are some that can do better (and at a lower price), it doesn’t mean that this particular speaker is not one of the best, because it definitely is.

Riva S Review – Setting a New Standard

The Riva S is Still One of the Best, But it Does Need a Design Makeover

The manufacturer of the Riva S would definitely want to show that functionality tops fashion for this wireless speaker. In other words, it does not make such a terrific first impression, until you send it some tracks to play. For its design choices, they are a little unsubtle in some areas. For instance, there are bright, light-up capacitive buttons situated at its top. Furthermore, the labeling of the ports are found on the rear of the unit, and there are also some bright aquamarine-colored rubbery bits found on the bottom. These do not quite fit with the otherwise overly normal look. But nevertheless, they do make the speaker stand out, but only by a very teensy bit.

However, what’s not-so-good for the outside is a completely different story when it comes to the performance of the Riva S wireless speaker. To start, if you’re playing music all day long after a full charge, and at considerable volumes, then you can get most of your work day without the unit running out of juice. Still, it is quite a disappointment that it uses a 19V cylindrical adapter to charge the device instead of a USB cable (which is now becoming the norm).

But when talking about the sound performance of the Riva S, then this is the area where the device truly shines. Simply put, it can even be placed in a class of its own as it has a far more aggressive approach with the use of its drivers. Even though it does have a slightly larger frame than that of the Bose SoundLink Mini II, it crams three 1.5-inch active drivers as well as four passive radiators in there. Therefore, sound pours out of every side of the unit. Also, any kind of music works well with it as the


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