RoboForm Review – A Great Password Management Tool

RoboForm was first introduced to be used on desktop browsers to assist users in managing their passwords and fill out forms in an easier manner. In fact, it even has a feature wherein you can fill out forms with just a click of a button. Now, it comes into the mobile platform as an app so that power smartphone users would be able to take advantage of its secure password-keeping features.

RoboForm Review - A Great Password Management Tool

RoboForm is Available on Mobile

There are free and paid versions of RoboForm, and the former will let you encounter certain restrictions as compared to the latter option. For instance, the free version of this particular password management tool will let you take advantage of its features but it can only be used on a single mobile or desktop unit. Should you want your passwords to be easily accessible throughout all your devices, then the paid version is there for that purpose (and more).

Using the RoboForm browser plugins will allow you to search for, launch, and browse website wherein your credentials have already been stored. Furthermore, you can automatically log into those websites, and even set up new passwords, or update your current ones. It will also generate passwords that are found within your required criteria. Additional features include auto-filling forms, saving bookmarks, and manually logging in with your credentials.  It also allows users to create a custom browser start page to let you gain easy access towards your favorite websites.

But should you need the program’s more advanced features, then you would have to download the RoboForm Editor software that is available for download for your desktop. It is compatible with Windows and macOS platforms, but if you’re primarily using Linux, then tough luck.

One drawback to using the extension or the app is that it is a tad unclear when it comes to both online and integrated documentation. However, should you need any help with regards to the program, then you can contact the app’s support team, which is helpful and responsive to inquiries.

The first steps to using RoboForm might become your most frustrating, primarily because you might have a lot of things to set up such as the information that will be filled into the forms and the passwords for the various websites you visit. But once you do get them out of the way, it is quite easy to use. However, there are other password managers out there that does a bit better, or even more, such as that of LastPass.


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RoboForm Review – A Great Password Management Tool
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