Rock Jaw Clarito Review – Decent Bass for a Low-Price Pair

The Rock Jaw Clarito is from a British manufacturer and the device is probably the cheapest pair they have released so far. The firm markets these as replacements earphones so that you can have more quality rather than the standard pair that you get for your smartphones.

Rock Jaw Clarito Review - Decent Bass for a Low-Price Pair

The Rock Jaw Clarito is Advertised as a Replacement Pair for Your Smartphone Headphone

In terms of design, the Rock Jaw Clarito earbuds do look more expensive than what they really cost. They are made with a dark gray aluminum coating in order to provide that classier look and feel instead of that brightly colored plastic earbuds that come regularly bundled whenever you purchase a new smartphone. The earpieces are bullet-shaped, which means that they do protrude quite a bit from your ears whenever you wear them.

Its cable terminates in a 3.5-millimeter jack with the right-angle variety. It has a rubber cable protector to prevent damage due to connecting it with awkward bends. The cable itself is made out of rubber, and there’s none of the fancy braiding located on previous headphones made by the company, like the Alfa Genus.

Out of the box, the company provides a cable clip for the Clarito, and it can be attached to your clothes so that it can prevent the annoying booming sound whenever the headphone cable move around when you’re walking. This is a nice touch; however, since the clip is removable, there’s always that concern at the back of your head wherein one of these days you might end up losing it.

The pair of earbuds use 8-millimeter drivers, and they are smaller than what you can get in more expensive headphones. However, one look at its decently low price tag and you’ll know that this is just fine. But it doesn’t mean that these units have a small driver that it could not supply an ample level of power. The bass performance in the earphones is very strong, especially when the buds are pushed securely into your ears. Furthermore, listening with mid-volume music is reasonably well balanced.

However, on higher volumes, the Rock Jaw Clarito tends to lose out on detail in terms of audio performance. You will be able to hear a lot of hissing and sibilance. For instance, guitars and percussion instruments greatly suffer from this. Also, vocals tend to suffer at higher volumes as well. Therefore, if you do want to get this pair because of its low price, then listening at moderate levels is key to a “sound” experience.


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Rock Jaw Clarito Review – Decent Bass for a Low-Price Pair
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