Rocket League – Rumble Mode Released

Just what has been promised about a month ago, Rocket League, Psyonix’s car-cage soccer-like game wherein you control mini RC vehicles rather than people, will be receiving its new Rumble mode very soon. For those who are worried that the new mode comes with a price, don’t be; this is because getting the new mode is completely free-of-charge. Furthermore, it will also come with Online Playlists, and along with both Private and Exhibition matches.

 Rocket League - Rumble Mode Released

Rocket League Will be Getting Rumble Mode Very Soon

In the new Rumble Mode in Rocket League, it will grant players access to 11 randomized powerups, and these include The Boot, Disrupter, Freezer, Grappling Hook, Haymaker, Magnetizer, and Plunger. To explain what each powerup does, let’s start with The Boot, wherein it will allow your car to “kick” your opponent. As for the Disrupter, it forces your opponent to drive uncontrollably. For Freezer, it will cause the ball to freeze, and Grappling Hook will pull the ball closer to you. As for Haymaker, it will let players “punch” the ball with their car. Magnetizer will attract the ball towards you, which is similar to Grappling Hook. Lastly, Plunger will grab the ball with the use of a plunger and cord.

That’s not all, as there is also the Power Hitter. For this Rocket League power up, it allows players to hit everything harder than before. Then there’s also Spike and Swapper, wherein the former will attach the ball to your car whenever you make contact with it, and the latter will switch your position with an opponent’s. Lastly, but not the least, Tornado will sweep the ball, as well as opposing cars into a funnel cloud.

With this update, it also brings the introduction of the unlockable Crate and Keys system in Rocket League, in which is said to assist fund the upcoming esports events and prize pools. Psyonix stated the following on that regard: “With this new optional system, random Crates will occasionally drop in Competitive matches and players can then purchase Keys to access their contents. These random, but exclusive Crate items can then be kept or traded with other players (another new feature in the update) and include everything from ‘Import’ Battle-Cars and unique animated Decals, to Exotic Wheels and other cool Garage accessories.” The individual keys will cost $1.49, as per Psyonix, while there are bundles of five, ten, or twenty that cost $5, $10, and $20 respectively.


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Rocket League – Rumble Mode Released
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