Rocketbook Wave – Microwave Your Notebook

The Rocketbook Wave is something that you don’t see every day. At first glance, it does look like an ordinary notebook, and opening it up will let you gaze on sheets of paper. Nothing out of the ordinary here, right? What makes this notebook very unique is that you can place it inside your microwave, heat it up, and all that’s been written on the sheets of paper within the notebook will be gone; well, not really gone but they will be sent to the cloud with the use of the accompanying app. Nevertheless, it is a very great way to save up on paper, and may even be an ultimate way to help our environment since you won’t be throwing the notebook after all the sheets have been filled up.

Rocketbook Wave - Microwave Your Notebook

You Can Place the Rocketbook Wave Inside Your Microwave to Erase What’s Written on the Sheets of Paper

It should be noted (no pun intended) that the Rocketbook Wave should be used with Pilot Frixion pens for the magic to happen. Use an ordinary ballpoint pen and those doodles you put in there will become permanent. But the notebook is just one portion of the entire package, as it is used in  combination with a free mobile application. With the use of patent-pending image capturing technology, you would be able to take photos of your notes with the app, and then send those to pre-configured cloud services.

When you flip each page on the Rocketbook Wave notebook, you will find seven symbols that are found at the bottom. These are touted as “magic buttons” and these symbolize the cloud service that you want to use as to where your notes will be saved. All you have to do is mark them with the Pilot Frixion pen and the app will automatically do the saving for you when you take a picture of the page.

Another amazing thing to note about taking photos of your notes with the app is that you don’t have to go through all the trouble in aligning the shot because the app will crop out everything that’s not the sheet of paper with your notes on it.

And once you’ve filled up all the sheets in the Rocketbook Wave (or when you want to destroy some sensitive material on it), all you have to do is place it inside a microwave with a mug of water (it needs this as is stated in the instructions) and turn it on. Once you hear the “ding,” remove the mug of water and the notebook, and you will have a fresh notebook wherein you can doodle and write notes once more.


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Rocketbook Wave – Microwave Your Notebook
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