Rodeo Stampede – Ride Longer, Tame Animals

When someone asks you what Rodeo Stampede is like, it might be pretty difficult to describe it easily, especially to those that haven’t seen it yet. To put it simply, it is as if someone took Disco Zoo and Crossy Road, put both games into a blender, then something with a totally new gameplay came out. The mobile videogame is still simple to play with and it is great fun for many types of audiences.

Rodeo Stampede - Ride Longer, Tame Animals

Rodeo Stampede is a Unique Sort

Once you start off with Rodeo Stampede, it does have a tutorial, but it can still be a bit tricky to figure out what is going on exactly since it will only teach you the bare basics of the game. You will start each of the runs on an animal, of which you need to ride by keeping thumb pressed on the screen of your device. To steer, you would just have to drag left or right while still keeping your thumb firmly placed on the screen.

In order to leap off to another animal, you would simply have to take off your thumb off of your device’s screen. All the action happening will then slow down as your cowboy (or cowgirl) will fly through the air. There will be a yellow circle that will appear to mark the radius of your lasso. When an animal appears on that circle, just put your thumb back onto the screen and you’re character will ride that one moving forward. Players should take note that you can’t change directions once your character is airborne. Therefore, judging the distance and direction of the next animal is vital before letting go of your thumb.

The Rodeo Stampede game will start simple at first, but soon enough, every animal will get tired of hauling around your behind and turn more savage. As you progress, they will soon start to buck around. There will be an exclamation point that will appear on the screen whenever anger is setting in. This notification is crucial as it will give you time in order to make your next move.

But here’s where Rodeo Stampede gets difficult – when you’re trying to tame an animal that you haven’t included in your zoo yet, then you will need to actually ride an angry critter out until it gets into the angry phase. You and your character will just have to hold on until the timing bar that will appear above the animal will fill up. Overall, this is great fun and a clever mix of gameplay.


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Rodeo Stampede – Ride Longer, Tame Animals
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