Roth Audio Sub Zero III Review – A Decent Upgrade for Your TV’s Audio

From the onset, the Roth Audio Sub Zero III won’t give you the best performance that a soundbar can give you, but it does offer a decent upgrade to what your TV can handle in terms of audio. It manages to deliver a decent health boost towards your TV’s bass levels while still being able to preserve the details within the sound.

Roth Audio Sub Zero III Review - A Decent Upgrade for Your TV's Audio

The Roth Audio Sub Zero III Lets You Upgrade Your TV’s Sound at a Decent Price

But if there was one thing that the Roth Audio Sub Zero III does not shine on, it would be its form factor. In other words, you would literally have to purchase a couple of right-angled HDMI adaptors (which are not included in the standard packaging) just to get the unit set up properly.

But in terms of its design, the Sub Zero III has looks that is nicely understated. In other words, this is a piece of technology that would not have any trouble blending its way into your home décor. Many would like the way as to how it looks as it has a versatile design. However, should you want to have a more visually-appealing soundbar, there are others options in the market.

Looking at its front, it is mainly taken up by the speakers themselves that are covered in a soft cloth. Breaking the design at the middle is the central display and control panel. This display is also quite simple, much like its overall design. However, despite its simplicity, it is also functional. While it may not be the prettiest display on a soundbar in the world, but at the very least it will turn off when it is idle for quite some time, which would otherwise be a cause for constant distraction.

There are many soundbars in the market that offers a separate subwoofer but is also found within the same packaging. Sadly, this soundbar by Roth Audio doesn’t have a subwoofer but that doesn’t mean it is not capable of dishing out enough bass to keep you satisfied. Overall, the unit contains four drivers, two 2.5-inch bass, and two 2.5-inch full range bass drivers. The bar also boosts the volume of what your TV can handle.

But of course, the bass response being brought by the Roth Audio Sub Zero III is not as refined as what a dedicated subwoofer can deliver. Nevertheless, it is more than capable of filling the shoes of what your TV’s sound can handle. Ultimately, this is a great soundbar for anyone looking to upgrade the audio of the TV without having to break the bank.


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