Ruark Audio R7 Mk2 Review – Stunningly Retro

If you have a thing for retro-themed gadgets that can still provide modern-day features, then perhaps you might want to check out the Ruark Audio R7 Mk2. This a modern take on the classic radiogram. This is also an updated version to the original model that was released 7-year-ago; hence the Mk2 in its name. It has everything that made its predecessor quite the iconic piece to be placed inside your home. It contains a CD player, stereo speakers, radio, and don’t forget that premium-looking retro look. Also, it has practically every wired and wireless connection you need, and it also has the ability to stand on its own four feet.

Ruark Audio R7 Mk2 Review - Stunningly Retro

What Changed With the Ruark Audio R7 Mk2?

So the main question here is, what changed with the Ruark Audio R7 Mk2? In terms of its exteriors, nothing has changed too much. However, there are some tweaks that have been rendered on the audio side of things as the firm wants to make it sound as good as it looks. And it should, considering the money that you have to shell out to purchase it.

One of the company’s hallmarks is its superb build quality, and that can surely be experienced with the R7 Mk2. The R1 Mk3, R4 Mk3, and R2 Mk3 are all near-excellent in their finish, fit, and classy design. For the 2nd-generation R7, it takes all of those elements and brings them to a new level.

For the main unit, it is a large, heavy beast with a 1-meter width. The unit is beautifully wrapped in figured walnut. It can either stand on all fours with its luxuriously lacquered black legs (that brings the device to stand at a height of 65-centimeters), or you can let it sit on a sideboard.

On its front, you will find the CD slot, a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack, cloth grilles that hide the double 5.5-inch dual-concentric drivers, the info display, an on/off switch, and a handful of other buttons. Furthermore, there’s also a downward-firing 8-inch subwoofer mounted underneath the unit.

When you turn the Ruark Audio R7 Mk2 on, you will be graced with a display that gives a short progress countdown before the device fully powers up. The display is very clear and it can be seen even from across a decently-sized room. But when you let it pump out some tunes, you will find that it is nothing short of amazing as your ears will be graced with the beautiful presence of whatever it is that you’re playing. Simply put, for those who are looking for a retro-themed music player, and have a rather large budget, then look no further than this device.


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