Russell Hobbs RHUV3002 Review – Basic Cleaning Performance at its Finest

If you’re looking for a bagless upright cleaner that won’t hurt your spending allowance too much, then you might want to take a look at the Russell Hobbs RHUV3002. This bright white-and-purple vacuum cleaner has a 700W motor built into it with A-rated energy efficiency. It also has a pivoting floor head with a rotating brush bar, as well as a decent 2-liter dust bin within the standard packaging. When it comes to the usual dusting and cleaning, this cleaner performs well-enough for the price. In all other aspects, however, it falls short.

Russell Hobbs RHUV3002 Review - Basic Cleaning Performance at its Finest

The Russell Hobbs RHUV3002 is Only Good for Basic Cleaning Purposes

The Russell Hobbs RHUV3002 is the cheapest in the entire range of the company’s inexpensive bagless cylinder cleaners and stick vacuum models. Despite it being the model that will save your spending allowance by a great amount, it does have some highlights to note within its spec sheet. These include an A-rated energy efficiency, as well as a respectable C-rated carpet cleaning performance. However, it should be noted that this is not a HEPA-rated cleaner, nor you should give a glance at its D-rated hard-floor cleaning nor its woeful G-rating for exhaust dust emissions.

Right out of the box, the chrome handle will clip into the main body. After doing this, you’re pretty much ready-to-go to start cleaning. The RHUV3002 is also quite lightweight with a weight of 4.7-kilograms, and this figure already includes the cable, hose, and the built-in 3-in-1 tool attached. Therefore, you would have no problems with it when you want to carry it up-and-down the stairs.

As mentioned earlier, this particular bagless clear only has a 700W motor, which means that it will lack the suction power and noise. When vacuuming over a carpet, it will suck up dust and dirt with a respectable noise. But once you place it over hard floors and the noise will skyrocket. Even though you won’t be vacuuming stealthily over hard floors, the vacuuming efficiency is quite effective.

But sucking up small particles in a normal fashion is perhaps the only redeeming quality of the Russell Hobbs RHUV3002. For one, the pivoting head doesn’t really work when you’re vacuuming over a carpet because the amount of effort you need in order to move the cleaner will, in turn, push the cleaner the other way. Furthermore, the brush bar is as ineffective as it can possibly be. For example, when you’re cleaning up oats, it will manage to squish some of those into the surface, which would then lead to a bad trail in its wake. So if basic cleaning performance is what you’re looking for, this might be a suitable choice. For everything else, look for another model.


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