S Key – The 6-in-1 Key

If you are always having trouble in finding the right key to place into a certain keyhole, then you might just want to take a check on the S Key. What makes it different from the traditional key holder is that it is practically 6 keys in 1 (so to speak). Other than being an ordinary key, it also works as a magnetic stick, a SIM card case, a bottle opener, a cell phone stand, a SIM card pin, and as a glow-in-the-dark key chain. With its list of features, you don’t have to rummage everywhere inside your purse or knapsack just to open a particular lock.

S Key - The 6-in-1 Key

Bring 6 “Keys” in 1 Holder With the Use of the S Key

The S Key comes in different colors, which include gray, blue, red, pink, green, and khaki. It also comes with in a transparent variant, and there is also a model that glows in the dark. If you’re worried that it might weigh a ton even though it has a rather diminutive form factor, then don’t be. In fact, it is so light weight that it only weighs a measly 0.25-ounces. Speaking of its form factor, its dimensions are 1 x 2 x 0.19-inches for its width, height, and thickness.

With the S Key,you will be able to make use of a bunch of features to hold different “keys,” and it even includes a bottle opener. While it might not be the most ingenious of innovations, it can definitely be a great conversation starter. Also, you can also be that hero of the party to open up those bottles of beer when the traditional bottle opener has somehow gone up in smoke.

Moving forward, this particular “key” holder is made out of a PC plastic, which does mean that it is not the best in terms of giving excellent build quality, but it does give off a more-than-decent level of sturdiness. It even comes with a neodymium magnet, so you can even make it act as a “pin” to hold your notes.

According to the great minds over at Choicee (the developers of the S Key), they have revised the design of their product for more than 100-times as they continuously pool ideas onto the table. The end result is a “key” holder that will give you a decent place to store your keys, and even give you other functionalities as well.


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S Key – The 6-in-1 Key
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