SaferVPN Review – Definitely a Solid Choice

To make use of SaferVPN, you have to choose between one of three pricing structures. The cost of these subscriptions are not too high as compared to other VPN services, and you might even want to go with the lowest plan first to give things a try. With the Basic plan, you will be given one device connection per day at any given session. The higher-tiered pricing options lets you use the app with more than one device at any given connectivity session. If you don’t want to commit to any of these payment plans immediately, there is a 24-hours free trial. Also know that there is a 2-week money back guarantee.

SaferVPN Review - Definitely a Solid Choice

SaferVPN Piles on the Options

The servers of SaferVPN are based in Israel, and at the time of writing, the server count stands at over 400 that is spread out in 30-countries. These include some really exotic VPN hosting addresses such as South America, Australia, or East Asia. It is always a great thing for a VPN service provider to extend the reaches of their connectivity options aside from just being limited to accessing servers found in North America and Europe.

When it comes to security and privacy, the SaferVPN service runs a very robust 256 bit AES for the control channel. These are AES – 256bit for Data, 2048bit SSL/TLS Handshake Encryption, and SHA256 for Control Messages. What does this mean? For those who are not into the technical jargon, do know that the connection being offered by this particular VPN service is quite safe and secure. However, the application does keep some connection logs, but those who are not really seeking to be completely anonymous on the Internet will not mind this fact.

Unlike other VPN clients that primarily use a program to be downloaded and installed into your computer, there is an easier and more compact way to get the services from your browser with this particular VPN service and it is with the use of a Chrome extension. The GUI of the Chrome extension is seamless, very simple, and quite easy to use.

There’s so much to like about SaferVPN such as its performance, a handy website, multiple connectivity options, the free Google Chrome extension, and a great desktop application. There isn’t really much to hate about it as connectivity speeds and stability are already great. So if you’re in the market for a good VPN service to browse the World Wide Web more securely, this is it.


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