Sage Boss To Go Review – You’re Go-To Smoothie Blender

Even though there are many traditionally-made smoothie blenders on the market, the Sage Boss To Go aims to innovate, and for the most part, it does achieve that, and perhaps even more. It is able to resolve many design shortcomings that come from other models, and in doing so, it is even able to boast more power as compared to others.

Sage Boss To Go Review - You're Go-To Smoothie Blender

The Sage Boss To Go Might be Your Only Smoothie Blender

Looking at the design of the Sage Boss To Go, a great description to give it is “robust.” Its durability will start off from its base, as it is made from die-cast metal. Because of this, it does add to the total weight of the machine, but you might not be moving it around a lot so the weight is not much of an issue. The die-cast metal base also makes the entire machine sturdy on a worktop.

When comparing its design and build quality with other blenders, others heavily rely on rubber and plastic connections found between the base and its blades. As for the Boss To Go, the blades come sealed within a single unit in which it will lock into the base with the use of an also very durable metal coupling. It is equipped with serrated Kinetix blades that are contoured to create really quick circulation. Near the blades is a scooped stainless-steel bowl found underneath.

Setting it all up is a relatively easy process. Both the blades and the lids screw into the cups with the use of a simple quarter-turn. This makes it really fast to attach and detach them. Mixing your ingredients with the use of the blender will give out a silky-smooth product that won’t give you any sign of flecks or solid residue from the food placed into the machine. Well, that depends on what ingredients you use. Nevertheless, if there are some flecks that can be seen and/or felt, they are absolutely minimal. In fact, they would hardly be noticeable when you’re drinking your favorite smoothie recipes.

Overall, if you’re looking for a smoothie blender with an absolutely flawless performance, then look no further than the Sage Boss To Go. It promotes unparalleled convenience and add to the fact that it is a very well-built machine. It can produce the smoothest smoothies that you can ever hope for. This is a really great investment to go for, especially if you’re the type of individual that is serious about their smoothies.


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