Samsung C27F591 Review – Continuing the Curved Trend

There is a growing trend of curved computer monitors, and that fascination continues on with the Samsung C27F591. It is one of the South Korean tech manufacturer’s latest displays that delivers a high-performance VA panel, as well as a much tighter 1,800-millimeter radius curved as compared to other screens that offers a wider 2,400-millimeter-radius curve. When it comes to resolution, it’s nothing out of the ordinary as the 27-inch display is able to deliver 1,920 x 1,080-pixels. However, when talking about image quality, then it lives up to a lot of standards, and even raises the bar for some aspects.

Samsung C27F591 Review - Continuing the Curved Trend

The Samsung C27F591 Has Amazing Visuals, But Not So Much to Talk About the Audio

The Samsung C27F591 shies away from familiar design territory as its large, circular base, along with its set-back stand, makes the screen appear as if its floating in mid-air. Well, that is when you’re viewing it from certain angles. The display is finished with a silver metallic plastic, and the base and bezels also receive the same treatment. For those who are akin to Samsung’s darker gray colors in many of their devices, the light silver finish might be something to get used to at first.

Aside from its curve, it also continues another trend, and that is the “thin is in” style. The top, right, and left bezels are all incredibly slim. This give the monitor a few extra bonus points for those looking for a thin display. As for the bottom portion of the bezel, it is uncluttered by any form of control or label. The only thing present there are the status light and the Samsung logo.

However, the C27F591 does not offer any form of height or positional adjustment for its stand. It just sits at a static 11-centimeter height. This is quite a disappointment for if you want to raise the monitor, then you would have to put something underneath it just to give some users a more comfortable height.

But what about its image quality? It is able to deliver darker blacks and a more punchy contrast thanks to its VA panel. When using the custom preset right out of the box, the image performance is nothing short of fantastic. However, the maximum backlight level is just a bit too bright, but you can tweak it down.

Perhaps the main reason why you would want the Samsung C27F591 is because of its amazing visuals and not for its audio. Why? Because the sound coming out of the panel sounds muddy, even when switching modes. It does deliver a bit of punch and bass, but it still feels somewhat artificial. Hence, you might just want to connect better speakers for this one instead.


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Samsung C27F591 Review – Continuing the Curved Trend
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