Samsung Family Hub Review – The Future is Here

If you’re shopping for a brand-new refrigerator, one that would stand the test of time, then perhaps your eyes (and wallet) might instantly draw itself to the Samsung Family Hub. So what makes this model so special? To put it simply, a lot; for starters, it has a built-in 21.5-inch tablet at the front (more on this later), it has a proper crisper drawer that excels in performance when preserving your food, and it has ample freezer space that will let you put in gallons of milk (as well as last night’s leftovers). Also, it has a design that is clearly future-proofed. Perhaps the only thing that would ultimately throw off a lot of people from purchasing this is the large heft in its price tag. But if you have the extra cash, and you are in need of a good, or even a great refrigerator, then perhaps your search has ended with this one.

Samsung Family Hub Review - The Future is Here

With the Samsung Family Hub, Your Search for a Great Refrigerator is Over

As mentioned earlier, the Samsung Family Hub has a built-in tablet smack dab in its door. For many, it does come as a surprise to have a tablet on a refrigerator door. But even though it might be a “unique” choice, do keep an open mind upon seeing it. After all, Samsung is known to create a bunch of really good mobile tablets, and they are one of the prime leaders of technology, so with these being said, why wouldn’t they put one of their touch screen displays on a refrigerator door, right? But anyways, what it can do is that it can stream music from Tunein and Pandorra, and it can also help family’s organize their groceries.

While this touch screen interface does have its own set of quibbles, perhaps the remedy for those shortcomings is the fact that the South Korean firm has partnered with Groceries by Mastercard and Instacart. What does this mean? It means that should you forget to purchase your groceries altogether, the Family Hub will allow you to order your groceries online. However, do take note that this feature is not available everywhere, but if you live in one of the supported regions, then you’re in for a massive treat.

But aside from the technology, what about the Samsung Family Hub as a refrigerator? Open its doors and you will be greeted with a lot of drawers and shelves, as well as a bunch of ample spacing to put all of your grocery within it. The crisper drawers get the job done properly, and it is clear that even though you remove the touch screen interface at the front, you will still be able to get a satisfyingly performing refrigerator that allows families to make storing food a whole lot easier.


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