Samsung Galaxy – How to Disable Lock Screen, Touch, Charging Sounds

If you are now a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy phone, like the new Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, or the earlier versions such as the Galaxy S6, or even the Note 5, you would not hesitate to start tinkering with it. In just as little as three taps on your brand new Samsung device, you would immediately notice something; and this thing may be quite the annoyance as the handset makes a noise every time you tap on something. For some, this comes as nothing and can easily brush it off as a normal feature. But for those do not want such a functionality, and literally drives you up the wall, do not worry as there is a way wherein you can just disable all those sounds.

Samsung Galaxy – How to Disable Lock Screen, Touch, Charging Sounds

Disabling Touch, Lock Screen, and Charging Sounds on Your Samsung Galaxy Device

Step 1 – The first thing you want to do on your Samsung Galaxy device is to head on to the Settings menu. To get there, pull down the notifications pane and then tap on the cog icon situated at the upper-right corner of the device’s screen. It will then bring up the Settings menu. Once here, scroll down to locate “Sounds and vibration.”

Step 2 – From here, you would then be brought to a new portion of the Settings menu in your Galaxy device. In here, scroll down until you reach the “System” section. You will then see different toggles. These are the switches that you want to be turned off. The menu items under the “System” portion are Touch sounds, Screen lock sounds, Charging sound, and Vibration feedback. You can turn all of these off, or you can just select which one to turn off while keeping the other turned on as you desire.

Step 3 – If you’re unsure as to what each of the menu items and their toggles do for your Samsung Galaxy device, there is a brief description under each of the menu items. For instance, under the “Touch sounds” section, it says “Play sound when making screen selection.” Hence, you can choose for the device to play a slight sound whenever you make a selection. Then there’s the description found under “Screen lock sounds,” wherein it says “Play sounds when locking and unlocking screen,” in which the device will (or will not) play a sound when you lock and unlock the screen of your phone. If you’re still inside the Sounds and vibration part of the Settings menu, you can also toggle some other features for your device, such as Dialing keypad tones and Keyboard sound.


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