Samsung Galaxy J3 Review – Surprisingly Likeable

There are not many smartphones in the market that you can compare to the Samsung Galaxy J3, especially in the 5-inch category. It is placed in an extremely low price class and it has the parts to match. However, even though it does have low-cost parts powering it, it is surprisingly good. It’s not going to be stellar, but it is good for the price. Its battery life is strong, and it does ship with the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system right off the bat, which is something that you might not normally see in low-cost smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy J3 Review - Surprisingly Likeable

The Samsung Galaxy J3 is a Good Performer at a Low Price Class

There are many low-end phones on the market that you would immediately give the cold shoulder treatment to because its hardware specs don’t live up to par with your expectations; however, do give the Samsung Galaxy J3, especially if you’re looking for a secondary phone or are in need of a budget-friendly handset.

To start, the battery life is better than a lot of its rivals within a similar price class. It will last 15-hours on moderate to heavy use on a full charge, which is really good. That rating can even go longer when you’re just going to mainly use the device for texting, calling, or checking Facebook once in a while. Furthermore, the quality of phone calls are problem free. You can clearly hear the other party without any hitches and they can hear you clearly as well.

When you want to expand the internal storage of the Galaxy J3 you can definitely do so, and up to 128GB in fact with the use of an appropriate microSD card. And for some further good news, the battery is not glued (per se) to the device as you can remove it. Therefore, should the battery die out on you for whatever reason, you can easily remove and replace it without having to go through any extra ordeals.

While it does promote a surprisingly good performance, gaming on this device leaves a lot to be desired. This is mainly due to its quad-core processor as it is quite dated and provides a less smooth experience. While we’re on the topic of its drawbacks, there’s also its rear camera that does takes pictures a half-beat late when you press the shutter button.

But when you’re looking for a budget-friendly phone that surprisingly ticks all the right boxes, especially for the basics, then the Samsung Galaxy J3 should be your prime choice. Just don’t expect to do anything of the high-end sort on this particular smartphone.


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