Samsung – Galaxy Note 7 Image Revealed

Samsung, more specifically that of its upcoming Galaxy Note 7, is deemed as one of the most anticipated handsets to hit the market, and it is expected to hit the market next month. The South Korean tech giant has timed the release of the smartphone in quite the strategic way as the company intends to grab the market’s attention by competing against rival company Apple. The device will be released one month prior to the Cupertino, California-based tech firm to unveil its newest device, which is claimed to be the iPhone 7. Before the release of the Galaxy Note 7, the rumor mill continues to churn, and the latest controversy to hit the tech sector pertains to the device’s screen size.

Samsung - Galaxy Note 7 Image Revealed

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumors and Images Revealed

It surely has been quite eventful for Samsung as of late, especially if you consider the hardware specs and clear images about the Galaxy Note 7 coming into light just one month prior to the device’s official unveiling. There is already much about the device that has come into full view about the new flagship phone from the South Korean tech firm, which does include the device’s RAM capacity, display size, and battery.

There are already images on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 that have been leaked by numerous online sources, and it did show a clear view of the smartphone’s design. In terms of its processing power, it is reported to have a Snapdragon 820 chipset, or an Exynos 8893. It is alleged to have a 3,600mAh or 4,000mAh battery capacity, and it is reported to come with features such as a fingerprint and an iris scanner. Many believe that it will also have the S Pen packed within the standard packaging, since this is the common move the company is doing with previous Note smartphone iterations.

Reports also reveal that the Note 7 will come with a 5.7-inch display, but it does seem that there are new information that have recently surfaced online to contradict that as the smartphone appeared on India’s import-export website, Zauba, as per Digitseek. In the post, it did reveal that the device will have a 6-inch screen instead of a 5.7-inch display.

Aside from this post, there are not many specifics to go on with regards to the new flagship phone from Samsung. This is, after all, the first time that the Note 7 has been listed with a 6-inch display, but there is still that possibility that what was shows could just be an early prototype.


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Samsung – Galaxy Note 7 Image Revealed
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