Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review – Sexiest Phablet To-Date

It must be a great time to be alive for you to take part within the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This 5.7-inch phablet is one amazing phone, and it’s very pretty to look at as well. It has a sexy wraparound glass, a precise-performing S Pen, and a brilliant display. All of these elements make for one piece of technology that is bound to impress just about anyone. However, it might not be the best handset for architects, artists, or for people who do want to use their own fingers more than a stylus when fiddling around with the screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review - Sexiest Phablet To-Date

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is Downright Gorgeous, But It’s Still Not for Everyone

The stunning looks of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one that is impressively gorgeous and symmetrical. It has the ability to take great photos, and it is even water resistant. Plus, it does have an expandable memory slot, in which the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 did not have. You might be wondering, whatever happened to the Galaxy Note 6? Well, there is none, and it does come to the surprise of many as to why the South Korean tech giant skipped a generation.

Going back to the Galaxy Note 7, it also has a very impressive battery life, but it’s not as long lasting as that of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Nevertheless, this might even be Samsung’s ultimate phone. Why? For starters, it does give users the advantage of making use of 64GB of built-in storage, and that is even expandable with the use of a microSD card. There is also an iris scanner if you want to unlock your phone with the use of your eyes. There is also a USB-C charging port wherein you have the option of purchasing a USB 3.1 cable for faster charging speeds.

As for the improved S Pen, it does have some new tricks in-store for users. It now has features such as magnify, translating languages, and also letting users create an animated GIF. The phone also has a nighttime filter wherein it will give your tired eyes a break.

The main question now is, how much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 damage your wallet for you to get it? In truth, it is one of the most expensive phones you can purchase on the market today. But if you don’t mind spending so much cash on it, you will get a very good, if not a significantly greater mobile phone experience than what many smartphones can offer.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Review – Sexiest Phablet To-Date
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