Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review – A More Rugged Variant

Today’s smartphones, although incredibly useful, one wrong move and you might be wiping off your tears while picking up the device’s pieces; but rule the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active out of that equation. While this particular handset from the South Korean tech manufacturer might not be the sexiest nor the prettiest one on the market, it is certainly built to last while maintaining the same power as the original S7.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Review - A More Rugged Variant

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Has the Same Power, But More Durable

While the original Galaxy S7 is uncommonly fragile but sexy, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active dishes out some of the stylistic components for a more rugged finish. For this variant, while it may not be as pretty as the original, it doesn’t look as terrible as some smartphones on the market such as the Panasonic Toughpads or even those Caterpillar phones made for construction.

For those who are pretty much used to the glass and metal casings of various smartphones, you might mock the all-plastic back of the Galaxy S7 Active. You would also be wrong if you said that this phone is anything less than premium. With its texture, it does provide a good grip, and there are raised rubber bumpers around the edges as well as the corners that adds more protection from falls and bumps. It still has metal by way of a frame in between, and this maintains the device’s integrity should it suffer a serious fall right smack dab onto the pavement.

All of these result in a thicker phone than the original. Speaking of its thickness, the Active variant is 9.9-millimeters thick. This is obviously a lot heftier than the original Galaxy S7, and even thicker than that of the Galaxy S6 Active. While you wouldn’t notice much of the extra weight when holding it, you cannot avert your eyes away from that extra bulk.

But being more rugged is not only its defining aspect as once you take a look inside, you will be able to see that it is still, more or less, the same as the original Galaxy S7 smartphone. It is powered by a powerful Qualcomm 820 processor and that is mated to 4GB of RAM. Performance-wise, the phone handles speedily and quite smooth. You wouldn’t notice any lag nor have problems regarding its efficiency.

For the price point it has, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active is one of those smartphones that is right on the money, especially when you consider its hardware and feature offerings. This phone is for people who like the outdoors but are too scared their regular smartphone would always come crashing down onto the concrete, or stone, or mud, or… you get the idea.


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