Samsung Galaxy View Review – Large and Underpowered

Perhaps the reign of mobile tablets is now starting to go up in smoke, and the Samsung Galaxy View does practically nothing to save the falling sector from picking itself back up. This particular tablet from the South Korean tech manufacturer is trying to take a risk with this unit, but ultimately falls short in a whole lot of areas.

Samsung Galaxy View Review - Large and Underpowered

The Samsung Galaxy View Does Not Impress

Once you take a look at the Samsung Galaxy View, you will immediately gaze your eyes upon a tablet. Pick it up, and you will experience that it’s not a portable device to carry around as it weighs a hefty 5.8-pounds. Therefore, carrying it around is a chore in itself already. Hence, it might be better to just leave it around on the house to serve as a touchscreen display (and a large paperweight). Well, that is if you really want to purchase it. However, it does have a large bulge found on its back with a permanently attached stand, which does make perfect sense as to the size and weight.

While the stand is helpful, it is nevertheless flawed. It does allow users to set the Galaxy View in an upright landscape position for TV and movie viewing, but do note that you can never detach the stand from the device. Otherwise, it will always lay flat, or if you want to tire yourself out by holding it all the time then you are welcome to do so.

Furthermore, because of its sheer size and weight, you would not be comfortable to bring it around inside a backpack, that is if you can find one that’s large enough. And if you do manage to get a bag large enough for the device to fit inside it, then be prepared as it will give it a tight and quite the uncomfortable fit.

But perhaps Samsung already planned that this might happen as this tablet is not meant to be carried around in the first place. Its display is that of a 16:9 aspect ratio which caters to a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution. This tablet is big enough to become your secondary TV. Also, it does offer the right specs for TV and movie streaming, especially when you take into account that it is powered by the company’s own Octa-core 1.6GHz Exynos 7580 processor.

While it does perform relatively good for watching movies, videos, and V shows, it is of not much use for just about everything else. It’s just large and possibly just a big paperweight for your house. In fact, at its price point, you may even just want to consider purchasing another dedicated TV instead.


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Samsung Galaxy View Review – Large and Underpowered
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