Samsung Gear S3 Classic Review – Bigger and Better

There are many smartwatch designs that want to sport the look of the classic timepiece, and while the Samsung Gear S3 Classic does achieve that, it is literally larger than many. In fact, it is even bigger than its predecessors. But its beefier size is not all for naught as it comes with a bunch of great features which does make the wearable device better than ever.

Samsung Gear S3 Classic Review - Bigger and Better

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic Presents Itself as a Larger and Better Option Than Many

As obvious as its name offers, the Samsung Gear S3 Classic is the next iteration for the already impressive Gear S2. It improves upon its predecessor in more ways than one. It packs a larger display for the watch’s face, and it even sports a larger battery. Furthermore, it is jam-packed with more features than ever before.

Samsung released the Gear S3 Classic along with an identical-looking model, which is the Gear S3 Frontier. The former is geared towards casual users whereas the latter is made for fitness-centric individuals. The Frontier also has more weight and packs an LTE radio. Even though the Classic model does not have an LTE radio, this notion is by no means a deal-breaker.

When you compare the Classic with the Gear S2, and you would immediately be met with the obvious difference that is their size. The South Korean tech giant has increased the display size to 1.3-inches. For comparison’s sake, the Gear S2 only has a screen size of approximately 1.2-inches. While the screen is made to be larger, it still retains the same Super AMOLED technology, and it also retains the 360 x 360-pixel resolution, but it does lose some sharpness because of, once again, the larger display size.

Regardless of the large size, the screen is a beauty to behold. You would be thankful that you would not have to touch it all the time just to navigate through its many features, unlike many smartwatches that would make you have to touch the screen constantly.

Since the Samsung Gear S3 Classic brings more features into the mix, this naturally means that it needs more power, and the South Korean firm already thought about that regard. It now packs a 380mAh battery pack that is said that can last for three to four days with regular use. Overall, this smartwatch is a must-have evolution of the Gear S2. The increased size aims to do better in terms of a fashionable item, and for the most part, it does.


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Samsung Gear S3 Classic Review – Bigger and Better
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