Samsung – How the Company Popularized the Phablet

Just like with just about everything in the modern tech industry, trends come and by swiftly, especially when you take a look at what Samsung has to offer. Before smartphones were even called the hottest things to grace the market, we would only have the smaller, yet ever reliable cell phone. The old cellular phones would only have two primary functions – calling and texting. Then, of course, the smartphones have entered the scene and it had revolutionized practically we ever dreamed about in a portable gadget. The South Korean wanted to take more out of the tech industry’s pie, as they brought the phone/tablet hybrid dubbed as the “phablet” into the scene.

Samsung - How the Company Popularized the Phablet

Samsung Revolutionizes the Way People Look at Their Smartphones Through Phablets

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is starting to shape up to be the most advanced, and most fashionable phablet for the company’s entire Note series to-date. However, the 7th iteration to the company’s phablet line would be nowhere near to where it is today if it hadn’t been for its predecessors. In order for a device to have the most advanced features and top-of-the-line hardware specifications on offer, there would be stepping stones to reach that goal. In this case, it would be the previous iterations for the company’s Note phablets.

It was the Samsung Galaxy Note that started it all, but most especially for the Note II as it really popularized the idea that larger can be better. While the Galaxy Note did have humble beginnings, in which it is a device that came with a larger display than a regular smartphone and yet a bit smaller than the traditional mobile tablet, it also came with a built-in stylus, along with advanced features during the time of its release. Hence, people were drawn to it as it is a more portable version of the tablet while maintaining the functionalities of a smartphone.

As per a post from Focus Taiwan back in the year 2013, the company’s Galaxy Note II sales hit over 30-milion devices being sold since it was launched during the previous year. That figure is three times as much as the 10-million units that were sold from the original Galaxy Note back in 2011.

Jumping to several years later, and Samsung is still rocking the phablet scene. Since the dawn of the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note II, there are now other tech manufacturers that have already followed suit in creating their own brand of phablets.


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