Samsung Music – Free Music App Review

If you think that Samsung is only known for their electronics, then think again as you are introduced to the Samsung Music mobile application. But before anything else, do take note that this particular music-playing application is optimized for the Samsung Android device. Therefore, if you own other brands of Android mobile devices, then you can still give this particular app a go, but you won’t get the full experience. This is because it makes use of Samsung’s own kind of powerful music play functionality that is built within their devices.

Samsung Music - Free Music App Review

You May Want to Get a Samsung Mobile Phone to Get the Best Out of the Samsung Music App

What are the key features included in the Samsung Music mobile application? For starters, you will be able to take advantage of the app supporting multiple file formats. The audio file formats that are supported are WMA, AAC, MP3. and FLAC. Also, you will be able to manage your playlists as it lists them down by categories. Files are sorted by Track, Genre, Album, Artist, Folder, and Composer.

You might be wondering what is FLAC? It is an audio file format wherein the coding is similar to that of MP3 and AAC, but it is lossless. If you’re still lost as to what this means, it is a file format wherein there is no loss of quality. The file sizes are generally much larger than standard MP3 files, but the audio quality is definitely a whole lot better.

The Samsung Music app also supports new user experience, in which it will easily interact with other smart devices that come from the same brand. In other words, if you have other Samsung-made smart devices, such as a TV, a mobile tablet, or a wearable like the Samsung Gear, then you will be able to use special functionalities (such as playback management) when connecting to these other devices.

As for the graphical user interface, it is one that clearly screams Samsung. If you are unfamiliar with how the South Korean tech firm creates how their software looks like, then know you will be greeted with a clean interface that is quite easy to rummage through.

When you on to Google Play and look at the app page for Samsung Music, you will see positive reviews that indicate how the app works with their phones. One Google User by the name of Tyler Wilson has the following to say: “Great, but could use a little bit of tweaking. This app is a major improvement over google play.”


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