Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review – A Hybrid That Can Handle Better Gaming

There are many Windows hybrid machines that are essentially full-time tablets that does get a keyboard for an easier way to use them, but then again, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin takes a different, well, “spin” on the matter. It looks and feels just like your standard 15-inch laptop but it does have a 360-degree hinge which automatically differentiates itself from your traditional portable computer. With this hinge, it allows users to fold the touchscreen back to make for a more tablet-like experience. But perhaps what ultimately sets this device apart from many is the inclusion of a very good Core i7 processor as part of its impressive hardware specs.

Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review - A Hybrid That Can Handle Better Gaming

The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is a Hybrid Device That Can Take on Better Gaming Than Most Tablets

Aside from the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin being able to handle better processing power than many other tablet or hybrid devices out there, you will also get to take advantage of a full-HD touchscreen display. You might be thinking, “That’s it?” Hold your horses as it does have one interesting feature, and one that is not seen in just about any other tablet or hybrid device out there. It is called an HDR mode, which literally means that it can give you high dynamic range images.

There are already a lot of TVs that do support a new video format called HDR, in which images displayed will have better clarity and contrast as compared to viewing your TV shows and movies in the standard settings of what the display can handle. It also means that there is a better balance between the light and dark areas of a picture.

In the case of the Notebook 7 Spin, the South Korean tech manufacturer created a software HDR filter. When you turn it on, it will apply pseudo-HDR capabilities to any video you’re watching. The effect is pretty subtly, but it is quite the interesting idea. You can turn it on if you want to add a bit more clarity, color, and brightness to your videos.

For the graphics prowess of the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin, that is being handled by an Nvidia 940MX chip. This means that even though you won’t be able to play graphic intensive games at their maximum settings, it still makes for a better gaming performance than your traditional tablet or hybrid device. This hybrid device from Samsung is a solid choice in just about every area that it offers. But if you can make do with its bland design, then you’re good to go with this model.


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Samsung Notebook 7 Spin Review – A Hybrid That Can Handle Better Gaming
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