Samsung SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN Review – No Subscription Fees Required

While there are many security cameras that would require subscriptions from their customers to give access to a cloud storage, the Samsung SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN  will have you pay extra for none of that. It even has a motorized pan-and-tilt feature, which might make you worry that it might jack up the price. However, this particular security camera is priced no more than its competition. It can even send you automatic alerts whenever it detects movement or audio.

Samsung SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN Review - No Subscription Fees Required

The Samsung SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN Requires no Subscription to Make Use of All of Its Features

Security cameras are known to have designs to be as inconspicuous as possible, and the Samsung SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN is certainly not the most attractive looking devices in this sector. Still, it is neatly designed and it looks unobtrusive. These are thanks to the two-tone conical body. The body is made out of plastic, but it is still soft to the touch, and the camera itself is durably-built. It has a diameter of 85-millimeters and a height of 84-millimeters, which means that you won’t have a difficult time in locating a suitable place to, well, place the camera. It can even be tucked on a shelf easily and you will still have room for all your books and other stuff.

In order to properly set up the SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN, you would have to download the Samsung SmartCam app, and it can be downloaded and installed for iOS and Android devices. The initial setup process is quite simple, and you would have to put the camera into Wi-Fi Direct mode to connect it to the phone within the network. It is quite sad that there is no support for 5GHz networks so you would have to make do with the 2.4GHz one.

By default, the security camera will be able to monitor any type of movement, but it is quite unlikely that you will get any false positives this way, especially if you have pets around your home. Instead, you can take advantage of three motion-sensitive areas for you to monitor. The default motion setting might be too sensitive, however, as it can give you alerts when it detects leaves flowing in the wind. Dialing the sensitivity down a bit will reduce the number of alerts, but it might still be a good idea to point the camera away from a window.

Since the Samsung SmartCam PT SNH-V6410PN won’t let you pay for extra for cloud storage, it is because it doesn’t have one. All data will be saved within the microSD card, so you would need to have a pretty large capacity for said card to make the most out of your recordings. Overall, this particular security camera is decent enough, but there are large drawbacks that make it hard to recommend.


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