Samsung TabPro S Review – Bringing OLED Technology Into the Mix

The Samsung TabPro S wants to take a larger piece of the PC pie, but it is evident that the South Korean tech manufacturer is making this particular device and jabbing it to the tablet sector as well. This slim tablet is powered by quite the efficient Intel Core M processor, and it is mated to 4GB of RAM, as well as to a 128GB of solid state drive (SSD). Perhaps the most favorite part for many for this device is the Super AMOLED display that is able to deliver 2,160 x 1,440 pixels for its resolution. This means that there is low power usage across the board, which is already a trademark feature for many modern hybrid machines.

Samsung TabPro S Review - Bringing OLED Technology Into the Mix

Many Does Not Want the Keyboard on the Samsung TabPro S to be Part of the Party

Even though seeing the features and hardware offerings on paper, it is still quite hard to recommend the Samsung TabPro S. The company’s past laptops have already struggled to acquire the interest of many as it hoped to win the hearts of Galaxy smartphone consumers in a similar fashion. This trend seems to continue on with this 2-in-1 device as there are many who would rather spend their money on other hybrid units made by other manufacturers.

The TabPro S delivers rounded edges, an array of buttons, and it also sports an incredibly slim waistline. Once the display is detached from the keyboard module, the quarter-inch thick tablet portion looks to be more in-line with a device that is perhaps Samsung’s greatest competitor, Apple, and its iPad Air 2 as well as the iPad Pro, despite the South Korean firm’s device clearly carries the Windows operating system.

Still on the comparison for the iPad Pro, more specifically that of the 12-inch variant, Samsung’s hybrid device is slightly lighter than the iOS-powered machine. It only weighs one-and-a-half pounds without the keyboard attached. Despite its lightweight and thin design, the device does not look or feel cheap because the metallic body is so stiff it does feel like one solid sheet of aluminum.

While the overall performance, design, and build quality of the Samsung TabPro S is decent enough, the keyboard is perhaps its major drawback. First of all, using the keyboard might make you run into an odd bug with the NFC. When the keyboard is folded back, the NFC module will detect the chip, which does result in a prompt wherein the NFC tag can be turned off in order for the device to save battery. This prompt would appear most often when the keyboard is folded, hence it does make for quite an annoyance.


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Samsung TabPro S Review – Bringing OLED Technology Into the Mix
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