Samsung UE43KS7500 Review – Sporting the Curve but Having Trouble Convincing

At the time of writing, the Samsung UE43KS7500 is the smallest curved-screen TV to hit the market from the South Korean tech firm. Even though it is still trying to sport the brand’s fascination for curved-screen technology, there are still a lot of people around the globe who don’t want it. Furthermore, curved-screens are known to be quite expensive, so it can be quite difficult to recommend. One look at the design of this particular TV from Samsung, and you might immediately confirm that it is one of the top television sets for the year. However, looking deeper inside and you can tell yourself that things aren’t always what they seem.

Samsung UE43KS7500 Review - Sporting the Curve but Having Trouble Convincing

For the Samsung UE43KS7500, It’s Not Just About the Exteriors

There are always pros and cons when dealing with curved-screen TVs, and the Samsung UE43KS7500 is no exception to that fact. For this particular model, the curvature is less cute than most. Also, it should be noted that its “legs” would fasten to the extremities of the screen’s bottom edge. Hence, you would need a piece of furniture as wide as the TV to make it stand properly, lest you will have a lot of trouble trying to prop it up accordingly.

Moving forward, it shares the same fate as with other of Samsung’s SUHD TVs. This means that all the connections of the UE43KS7500  can all be found on an external “One Connect” box. When it comes to connections, you will be able to take advantage of four HDMI ports, three USB ports, and of course an Ethernet port. There is also the option to connect the TV through a Wi-Fi network connection if you so desire. Also, all of the HDMI ports are built to the latest 2.0a, HDCP 2.2 specification, which means that you will be able to playback 4K and HDR signals.

In terms of imaging performance, the Samsung UE43KS7500 is a mixed bag. For starters, even though it is capable of playing 4K UHD videos, it is a bit small for this kind of resolution. Hence, it may seem like footage can be a bit cramped at times. Furthermore, when playing high dynamic range (HDR) footage, there are some backlight flaws that will be encountered. Contrast and picture quality, however, are top-notch. But ultimately, if you really want a curved screen TV, you might want to spring for other models Samsung has.


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