Samsung UE49KS7000 Review – Say Hello to Your First 4K TV

4K UHD televisions are known to burn quite a hole in your pocket, but thankfully the Samsung UE49KS7000 wants you to think otherwise. This is because this is the smallest one within the K7000 range, and because of this, you won’t have to break the bank (too much). While it does not have the incredibly stellar specs and performance of the flagship UE65KS9500, but it does not have a hefty price tag either. Therefore, if you’re looking for a 4K UHD TV that won’t hurt your wallet (again, too much), then this might be a solid option for you.

Samsung UE49KS7000 Review - Say Hello to Your First 4K TV

The Samsung UE49KS7000 is a Great Entry Level 4K TV

The South Korean tech giant has been known to produce some devices that do promote crazy designs over the years, thankfully the Samsung UE49KS7000 is relatively simple. It delivers a more minimalistic approach, much to the content of many. The frame is also thin enough that you won’t notice it that much when you’re looking at the TV straight-on from your sofa. But when you’re looking at it from below, say when you’re sitting on the floor, then you will be able to take a gander at the thicker strip found at the bottom wherein the feet of the television set are attached.

Speaking of the feet, they are easy enough fit in. All you have to do is slot them in until you hear a very satisfying click. There is no need to apply screws, hence you no longer have to get the screwdriver from your garage or tool closet this time around. However, the feet does not promote a rather satisfying look since they are far apart from each other. While it does promote to the overall stability, but it also means that you will need to have a surface that is as wide as the UE49KS7000.

But what’s really important when purchasing a TV is its picture performance, and this particular offering from Samsung proves to be a more-than-decent performer. When playing Blu-ray movies at 1080p, the TV’s upscaling feature proves to be a proficient performer. It makes up for the lack of resolution with such ease that you will still be amazed by the level of detail.

Play some native 4K UHD resolution videos on the Samsung UE49KS7000 and you will see what it is really capable of. You will get enhanced clarity and even brighter levels of detail. You will be able to see the details within the textures to a very great degree, that you might not see 1080p videos the same ever again. If you’re looking for your first 4K UHD TV, then look no further than this.


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