Samsung UE49KS8000 Review – Excellent Picture Quality Without the Curve

The Samsung UE49KS8000 is clearly made for people who want excellent image performance without having to worry about a curved screen. The South Korean tech giant is known for its fascination for curved screens, and this is widely apparent in their TVs.  This is a 49-inch TV that is comfortably flat, but it still part of the brand’s “SUHD” models. Hence, it meets the requirements of the Ultra HD Premium standard.

Samsung UE49KS8000 Review - Excellent Picture Quality Without the Curve

The Samsung UE49KS8000 Brings 4K UHD in a Flat Display

One drawback right off the bat is that the Samsung UE49KS8000 can be a pain to assemble. However, once everything has been set up properly, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done as you gaze upon a television set that is a beauty to behold. The way that the display sits just above the silver-boomerang shaped stand gives it the impression that it is floating in mid-air. This effect is then backed up by an incredibly-thin bezel that adds to the entire premium look.

Looking at the back of the UE49KS8000, even though it does present a thin 42.5-millimeter deep behind that is made out of plastic, it is attractively finished as there are no ugly grilles or rivets sticking out of it. However, what people would normally search for in a TV are the frontal aspects as you wouldn’t bother much on what’s behind it.

Speaking of its frontal aspects, more particularly that of its image performance, you would want to throw it some HDR footage to really make it shine. When viewing HDR footage, the brightness of the images are nothing but superb. It is able to deliver more punch and detail in most areas of the image, even on the brightest areas.

Furthermore, the images are being delivered with reasonably deep and natural black levels, which is great even for an LCD screen. There are a lot more grayness found in the dark areas that you would see in other similarly-sized TVs that has HDR and UHD support. Furthermore, the use of the ultra-slim bezel adds to the overall appeal when watching your favorite movies or TV shows, and even when you’re playing games.

Ultimately, if you don’t mind spending quite a bit of your hard-earned cash, then you should make the Samsung UE49KS8000 a top choice whenever you’re out on the market searching for a brand new TV. The trade-off for spending quite a bit is an excellent representation of colors, supreme brightness, and undeniably great video performance, all without a curved screen.


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