Samsung UE65KS9500 Review – Jaw-Dropping HDR

The Samsung UE65KS9500, with its really high-end price tag, is the South Korean tech manufacturer’s flagship 65-inch TV for the year 2016. What is has is a ton of features that you would make the papers. It also has an unrivaled, HDR-friendly peak brightness which is found to be at 1,400 nits. It carries a direct backlight system with local dimming feature, as well as quantum dot colors, a curved screen, and what appears to be the most technologically-advanced SDR to HDR conversion system that you can see on a modern-day TV.

Samsung UE65KS9500 Review - Jaw-Dropping HDR

The Samsung UE65KS9500 Brings About an Unprecedented HDR Performance

It is clear that the Samsung UE65KS9500 carries on the company’s love for curved screens. While it does look beautiful for some, it might put off some people, which can make you feel disappointed that the company does not offer the same features and specs on a flat-screened model. Still, the display does look attractive thanks to its luxuriously slim frame. Furthermore, the entire design of the TV is further enhanced as it sits low on a glinting T-bar stand.

Because of the curve, it does make the TV look rather clumsy when you mount it on a wall, especially since that it makes use of a direct LED lighting system which makes it seem like it has a deeper profile than other edge-lit television sets.

Just like with many other high-end TV offering from Samsung, the connections for the UE65KS9500 sits within an external box. Therefore, you only need to feed it a single cable from the box towards the unit. What you’re going to get are four HDMI ports, all of which are capable of high dynamic range support and native Ultra HD signals of up to 60-frames-per-second. There are also three USB ports for media playback, as well as tuner and headphone ports. There are also wired and wireless options available for the TV.

Turn the Samsung UE65KS9500 on and you will be brought with an insanely amazing visual experience. However, it is not by any means perfect. Nevertheless, it is capable of delivering one of the best, if not THE best picture quality you can ever see on a TV. That notion is then further boosted when you play HDR videos. The TV combines a ground-breaking LCD panel with immense brightness potential to deliver a vast color range. It looks absolutely breath-taking from edge-to-edge. You might even get distracted by the sheer majesty of the image quality rather than focusing on your show.


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