Samsung UNKS8000 Series Review – Almost at the Top

The Samsung UNKS8000 Series is dubbed as the cheapest SUHD TV for 2016, and it may very well be considering its price point. It promises an improved picture quality over some other 4K TVs out there, even those that do come from Samsung themselves. The “S” in the series’ name, however, does not stand for superior as it slightly falls short of that notion. However, the “S” might mean “Smarter,” though.

Samsung UNKS8000 Series Review - Almost at the Top

The S in the Samsung UNKS8000 Series Must Stand for Smarter

What you get with the Samsung UNKS8000 Series is that it has the ability to control your devices with its accompanying remote. Furthermore, it can also recognize a ton of devices just by plugging it into the TV. Also, it has the ability to control SmartThings Smart Home Gear, such as smart thermostats and smart bulbs. And also, and as a modern standard, it can offer streaming video from the usual services such as Netflix and Amazon, but with a more user-friendly and simpler interface.

But for the most part, those extras aren’t one that you could call the highest priority when looking for a cost-efficient 4K/UHD TV. Even though the Samsung KS8000 is appealing because of its price and design, and it is also a capable television that does offer an array of features with its relatively cheap offering for a UHD TV, there are still many consumers that do prioritize picture quality above everything else. And in that regard, it slightly falls short as there are better offerings in the market that is located within the same, or similar price class.

For the feature that is also hailed as the main selling-point of the TV series, it deviates from your regular LED or LCD TVs with the use of Quantum Dots, which consist of microscopic nanocrystals that will glow in a certain wavelength or color when being supplied with energy. Therefore, they enable the TV to achieve more light output, as well as better color as compared to other TVs, especially when counting the firm’s 2015 TV sets, as per Samsung.

Even though it has a new-fangled technology supplying its picture performance, the Samsung UNKS8000 Series do claim some of that merit in delivering better image quality, but not to the extent that it can easily topple down competitors. Overall, the television series from the South Korean tech giant does display a lot of promise, but ultimately falls short in image performance. Get this if you are looking for a reasonably priced 4K/UHD TV.


Where to buy Samsung UNKS8000 Series?

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Samsung UNKS8000 Series Review – Almost at the Top
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