Samsung – Unveils the Notebook 7 spin

Samsung, the South Korean tech giant, has recently unveiled the quick-charging Notebook 7 spin convertible laptop, and it has priced the product with a price tag of $800. It is available in 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch variations, and it comes with the new Windows 10 2-in-1 features, which include a 36o-degree touchscreen display, as well as an extended battery life of up to two hours with just 20-minutes of charging.

Samsung - Unveils the Notebook 7 spin

Meet the New Samsung Notebook 7 spin

With the new Notebook 7 spin, Samsung aims to address much of what consumers are looking for within a Windows 10 laptop. There are many users who want the flexibility of the increasingly famous convertible form factor, in which the South Korean tech firm happily complied with this model. As its name suggests, the Notebook 7 spin has a 360-degree touchscreen display, which lets users make use of the device as a 13.3-inch or a 15.6-inch tablet while the screen is laying flat. For those who want to search for a display stand for when you want to view movies and such, you won’t need to as it has a “tent” mode for video viewing.

Speaking of watching videos, the Samsung Notebook 7 spin is boasting about its Video HDR mode, which claims it can optimize footage and images on the 1,920 x 1,080 FHD screen that it has. Aside from the size differences of the two variants, the company is also offering the device in different hardware configurations. However, all of these will contain all the latest Intel Skylake Processors. Interested purchasers can choose either the Core i5-6200U processor (for the 13.3-inch version) or the i7-6500U (for the 15.6-inch variant).

For the 15.6-inch model of the Notebook 7 spin, it will also have an Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics card, and there is an even pricier model that will include a 128GB solid state drive, which is already in addition to the standard 1TB hard drive. For connectivity options, it will include a USB 3.0 port and a USB Type C port. The device also has a keyboard with automatic backlighting.

Perhaps what Samsung deems as the selling point of the Notebook 7 spin is its quick-charging mode, wherein users are able to extend the battery life of the device with an additional two hours with charging it for just 20-minutes. For the 15.6-inch model, it is able to fully charge within 90-minutes, while the 13.3-inch model can charge up its battery within 100-minutes.


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Samsung – Unveils the Notebook 7 spin
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